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Oct 9, The add-in for those data analysis tools is usually called "Analysis ToolPak," and it's not available for Excel for Mac. Instead, Microsoft.
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To install the StatPlus: Use this program to get the answers for the assignment. It has the same functionality as the Anaylsis ToolPak.

How to Calculate Descriptive Statistics in Excel 2016 for Mac Using the Data Analysis Toolpak

The mean, median and mode can be calculated using the descriptive statistics in the Data Analysis options. See below. The median is the point that divides a distribution of scores exactly in half. Remember, the median is a point in the distribution, it may or may not be an actual score.

The mode is the most frequently occurring score - the score with the greatest frequency.


StatPlus:mac LE

The t distribution tells you the probability that the difference you observe is due to chance is the null hypothesis is true. The t-test is a ratio of a statistic over a measure of variability. Using the t distribution to test a hypothesis is very similar to using the normal distribution.

The null hypothesis is that the two populations have the same mean, and thus any difference between the two sample means is due to chance. The t distribution tells you the probability that the difference you observe is due to chance if the null hypothesis is true.

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You simply establish a Type 1 error level, and if your observed difference is less probable than the Type 1 error level, reject the null hypothesis and conclude that the two means came from populations with different means. The scores below are Self-esteem scores from a challenge course research study.

1.2.3 Installing StatPlus:mac LE (Excel 2008 & 2011)

To get your answers for items 4a-d, Calculate the t score for the following Independent-Samples t-test data set. Yes or No Note: There is no difference between the two groups. Submit your answers for this assignment in the body of an email and send to the course facilitator. Download StatPlus: You can use StatPlus: Visit the AnalystSoft Web site , and then follow the instructions on the download page.

After you have downloaded and installed StatPlus: Help for StatPlus: You can always ask an expert in the Excel Tech Community , get support in the Answers community , or suggest a new feature or improvement on Excel User Voice. Perform statistical and engineering analysis with the Analysis ToolPak. Microsoft does not provide support for either product. Expand your Office skills.

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